Root Canals

When a root canal is necessary, Foy Aesthetic and Family Dentistry is ready to help! We have in-office root canal procedures with sedation so that you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Root canals relieve the pain of an inflamed or infected tooth and can save the tooth from needing to be removed.

What requires a root canal?

The roots of the tooth extend into the jaw. Inside the roots, there is soft tissue called pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerve endings. Sometimes the pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to decay deep in the tooth, repeated dental procedures, a chip or crack on the tooth, or an injury to the tooth. Pulp inflammation and infection can cause inflamed ligaments in the jaw and abscesses at the root of the tooth, which are very painful. Root canals are necessary to remove infected pulp and save the tooth from dying.

Root Canal Fears, Debunked

  • The tooth will be damaged by the root canal.

Though we’ve all heard horror stories of a friend’s cousin’s brother who ended up needing surgery, root canals are actually extremely safe and common procedures. There is no damage to the tooth after a root canal.

The pulp inside the tooth is essential to tooth development and growth; however, after the tooth is fully matured, it no longer needs the pulp. Additionally, root canals do not increase your likelihood of getting sick.

  • The root canal will hurt too much.

Modern medicine ensures you will be comfortable during your root canal. With our options for sedation dentistry, the experience can be relaxing rather than stressful. Before a root canal, the damaged tissues in your tooth root and at the base of the root often cause extreme pain. A root canal is designed to alleviate your pain, not cause more.

  • The root canal will continue to need dental work for years after.

Root canals have high success rates and often, an root canal-treated tooth will last a lifetime. Without a root canal, it’s likely that the tooth will continue to decay until it falls out, potentially harming other teeth, infecting gum tissue, and causing serious heath problems.

Dr. Foy wants to protect your total health! A root canal may be the best option for you. Call our office to schedule an appointment today!